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If something happened to you, how will it affect your lifestyle and those you love?

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Protection Planning Through Risk Management Strategies

Have you ever had the thought “that will never happen to me?” Or have you never really considered the consequences if something did happen to you and how would it affect those closest to you?

Consider the following statistics:

  • Men and women aged 15-24 years have the highest age-specific rates of life-threatening injury with the most common injury being spinal cord injury.
  • Around 96% people of working age report serious health risk factors and, consequently, a long-term loss of income.
  • More than 1 in 5 working age parents will die, become seriously injured, or ill enough to prevent them from working.
  • Based on the current average levels of insurance, the typical Australian’s weekly family income will be cut to about $600 if the main breadwinner becomes temporarily ill or injured and can’t work.
  • An average of 12,000 Australians aged 55-64 die each year from:
    • Cancer (Lung for males and breast for females)
    • Heart disease
    • Injury
  • The top 3 causes of disability in the same age group are:
    • Heart disease
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Cancer (all types)
  • There are around 14,000 grandparent families caring for 18,900 grandchildren in Australia. It’s a situation fraught with legal and financial difficulties, and many grandparents are thrust into the role enexpectedly.
  • (Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australia 2008-2010)

Putting in place a protection plan will reduce the worry of financial stress in the event of a life changing event and will enable you to focus on the emotional aspect required to help you and your loved ones get back on track.

Taxation Strategies

Why pay more in tax than you have to?

Our strategies are designed to assist you to maximise your opportunities and entitlements whilst minimising taxes payable.